2021 Shock Trauma Center Celebration

As the nation’s first and only integrated trauma hospital, the R Adams Cowley Shock Trauma Center at the University of Maryland has one mission: save lives.

For more than 50 years, the Shock Trauma Center has cared for over 200,000 people. Dedicated to treat those with time-sensitive injuries, the center’s fellowship is one of the largest programs to specialize in critical care and trauma.

Earlier this month, the Shock Trauma Center held its annual gala, though virtually, to honor first responders, the trauma care teams and former patients. These heroes of the Shock Trauma Center treat the critically injured, giving them a second chance at life.

This year’s theme, Beyond Boundaries: A Celebration of Heroes, showcases the world-class procedures that the first responders and trauma care teams employ to save lives.

Beyond Boundaries Shock Trauma Gala Logo

“Hearing the patients and their families express gratitude towards all the responders, clinicians and doctors was quite the experience. The number of people involved in saving one life is remarkable and shows such courage,” said Nancy Ripari, Executive Vice President and Huntzinger Partner who attended the virtual event.

The 2021 gala benefits the Center for Critical Care and Trauma Education. With simulation technologies and labs, the Center trains the trauma teams so that they provide the most advanced, cutting-edge patient care.

For the past 10 years, Huntzinger is proud to sponsor the Shock Trauma Center Celebrations and honored to present the heroes with a much-deserved gourmet dinner.

“Even though the celebration this year was virtual, the entire gala was extremely well produced. I couldn’t be happier that the UMMS heroes were able to receive such wonderful meals and to still experience such fine dining,” said Ripari.

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