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2020 and 2021 Best in KLAS for HIT Advisory Services

M&A Transition Services

Huntzinger’s Merger and Acquisition Transition Services recognize the importance of including IT as a formal consideration early in the M&A process. Huntzinger starts with a proven track record, which is a standardized set of tools and processes that are customized to the unique characteristics and requirements of each specific relationship. The outcome is a seamless, efficient and effective IT ecosystem that leverages a single EHR for all entities.

M&A Transition Services

M&A Transition Services

Standardized tools and processes for a seamless M&A transaction.

  • Crosswalk between current and future environments
  • Inventory of required contractual modifications and data transition/archiving
  • Plan and budget for one-time transition costs and ongoing operational/support costs
  • Detailed transition roadmap
  • Comprehensive training schedule
  • Thorough cutover/go-live schedule, including ATE requirements

  • Attention to specialty, e.g., non EHR/RCM, applications that need to transition
  • Required contract modifications
  • Engagement of third-party vendors for testing and data transition/archiving
  • Vendors requirements for availability for cutover/go-live

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