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Revenue Cycle Transformation

Huntzinger will conduct a comprehensive revenue cycle assessment to identify areas of opportunity for improved financial performance and standardized best practices. Huntzinger reviews the below areas to determine gaps and provide detailed recommendations:

Revenue Cycle Transformation

Revenue Cycle Transformation

Improve financial performance across the entire enterprise.

  • Review patient and clinical workflows and processes
  • Evaluate clinician bedside documentation and orders for charge automation
  • Identify gaps and inefficiencies

  • Review charge reconciliation processes
  • Assess denial management processes
  • Diagnose gaps in CDM set up
  • Identify missed charges related to supply chain and various ancillary departments
  • Examine policies and procedures in HIM and CDI

  • Review collections procedures and identify gaps: routing of revenue
  • Analyze all financial reports and, where appropriate, recommend streamlining
  • Assess Key Performance Metrics and identify areas of opportunity (i.e. AR days, denials by payer, DNFB, etc.)
  • Evaluate benchmark data against industry standards
  • Inspect error/work queue management for opportunities for efficiency

Huntzinger’s success with our Revenue Cycle Transformation services includes:

  • Reduction of AR days by over 10% in 2.5 months
  • Detection of 1,900 suspended charges
  • Identification of $2.9 million in lab charges

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