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We Craft Projects at the Strategic Level

Crafted at the Strategic Level

We work differently than other firms. Our engagements are crafted with our clients at a strategic level, ensuring projects of significance for our team where your impact is noticed.

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We Build Strong Rapport

Strong Rapport

Our strong rapport with executives throughout the client organization enables us to effectively align our project teams with the clients’ priorities.

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We Value Top Talent

We Value Top Talent

We value top talent. We understand that flexibility is important and that is why we are proud to offer a range of benefits designed to support a successful and busy lifestyle.

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We Provide Hands-On Support

Hands-On Support

We were founded by professionals with deep healthcare IT experience. Every consultant is backed by our team to ensure success, including a Consultant Advocate.

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Huntzinger is always looking to build long-lasting relationships with top talent focused on IT Advisory, Implementation, Technical Services and Staff Augmentation. Our Talent Acquisition Team is responsive and strives to make sure we have the right people in the right place. We want our consultants to want to work for Huntzinger and see the value in long term relationships. Most importantly, we understand the advantage of a two way street – the expertise and input of our consultants is held in high regard. Contact us today to learn more about working with Huntzinger!

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What Our Consultants Say

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"I honestly can't say enough about Huntzinger's ability to not only find me but match me to the client in a way that seamlessly ensured success. They found me, matched me, coordinated the interviews and secured the contract in less than 7 days, I was completely stunned. Once I arrived the fit was so perfect I had to occasionally pinch myself to check if I was dreaming. I've never worked for such an amazing consulting firm or such an amazing client. I will forever be thankful to Huntzinger and the client and they will all, perhaps more importantly, forever remain in my heart! That may sound silly from a professional perspective but the engagement was so personally rewarding I can't help but feel attached to the wonderful people at Huntzinger and the client site, made many friends for life. Thank you all so very much!"

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"I have worked with Huntzinger for almost seven years now, and I can't say enough good things about this company. Their leaders have the right mindset including transparency and great communication skills."

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"Working for Huntzinger is both a personal and professional satisfier for me. I know I am working with professionals that I can learn from and who will push me to take on new and challenging opportunities. I am not just an anonymous employee; the company takes a heartfelt interest in my family and outside activities. Professionally, the encouragement to come up with my own ideas and to provide input to the team is important to me and I feel respected and valued for what I bring to the table. I am honored to work for a company who has an excellent reputation as a strong leader in the healthcare IT industry."

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“I’ve been in consulting for over 20 years, and have worked for a number of different consulting firms, both large and small. In my time with Huntzinger I have had the pleasure of working with an amazing group of people, who work very well together with the client’s best interest at heart. We all treat each other with respect and trust each other’s ability to get the job done. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my time with Huntzinger.”

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"The Huntzinger Management Group Team is the brightest, most dedicated consulting team I have ever worked with. We support and promote each other, and if you’re onboarding to a new project you can count on full support from the entire team – including those assigned to the project as well as the corporate team in PA. HMG Corp is accurate and timely with updating SOW’s with their consultants as well as consistently and accurately processing payroll and expenses. HMG is considerate of your work/life balance. I would very highly recommend The Huntzinger Management Group as a great company to work for!"

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