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2020 and 2021 Best in KLAS for HIT Advisory Services

IT Assessments

Huntzinger’s IT Assessment Services help healthcare organizations position their infrastructure team to operate more efficiently and effectively, while embracing emerging technologies. We work closely with our clients to:

  • Ensure alignment with organizational business strategy and objectives
  • Provide an effective governance model that’s inclusive, transparent, and objective
  • Assist organization in realizing the true value of IT
  • Compare IT staffing, operating, and capital costs versus similar-sized organizations
  • Present detailed findings and recommendations
  • Develop 90/180/180+ day achievable, executable roadmaps

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IT Assessments

IT Assessments

Ensure alignment with organizational business objectives.

Five-Phase Assessment Methodology

We conduct the technical and infrastructure assessment through a partnership between your organization and Huntzinger, where we jointly engage our five-phase assessment methodology, customized to meet the specific needs of the organization. Client review points are included to validate the process and to gain the organization’s reaction. Each assessment is customized to the organization’s needs. Upon completion of these steps, clients have the option of engaging Huntzinger to implement and support recommendations.

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