Case Study | Hosting

A healthcare organization in the Midwest asked Huntzinger to help determine which hosting option would be most cost effective over five years while providing a high level of performance, stability and disaster recovery capabilities. The healthcare organization also asked Huntzinger to assist with procurement and contract negotiations. 
Huntzinger’s Approach:

  • Met with stakeholders to understand the current technical environment to establish requirements
  • Solicited and reviewed proposals from qualified hosting vendors
  • Facilitated a selection of the final two vendors and developed a TCO for each
  • Assist with final selection and contract negotiation with selected vendor

Huntzinger’s Deliverables:

  • Five-year TCO for each option
  • Advantages and disadvantages – including disaster recovery capabilities – of each option
  • Vendor profiles
  • Executable contract

At Huntzinger, we are uniquely positioned to address these goals and deliverables because we are:

  • Deliver an executable contract within 90 days
  • Efficiently run an assessment and procurement process based on the organization’s needs while negotiating cost savings
  • Provide a comprehensive TCO model with predictable hosting costs over the next five years

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