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Cloud Assessment and Roadmap

Huntzinger will perform a comprehensive assessment and develop a roadmap to guide healthcare organizations during the transition to cloud-based services. By engaging and customizing our tools and templates, Huntzinger’s cloud strategy includes technical, application and administrative requirements that will define governance, decision criteria as well as the security and cost impact to your organization.

Why Cloud?

  • Modernize infrastructure for computing offerings
  • Avoid hardware procurement delays
  • Escape big outlays in capital expense
  • Retire technical debt faster
  • Build additional resiliency in computing offerings
  • Improve information security posture and compliance
  • Foster the purge of legacy applications

Download the Cloud Assessment and Roadmap Overview

Cloud Impact

Cloud Impact

Develop an executable roadmap to guide your organization during the transition to the cloud.

Our Approach

The assessment has two phases which are done in parallel, Cloud Foundation and Application Readiness, followed by execution:

Cloud Foundation

  • Security considerations
  • Security design and architecture
  • Security monitoring and reporting

  • Architecture design
  • Standards and processes

  • Service commitments
  • Expansion and reduction in services
  • Required participation of vendors during events
  • Financial modeling

  • Operational controls required to manage across multiple cloud vendors
  • Cloud preparedness, operational effectiveness
  • Operational Management requirement of hybrid environment
  • Contract management

Application Readiness

  • Analyze data to develop actionable information regarding cloud capable applications in a healthcare environment
  • Evaluate applications for future use, consolidation, and elimination
  • Assign applications to on-premise, cloud capable, vendor hosting options and other

  • Develop recommendations for low-hanging fruit in support of strategic roadmap
  • Develop short term, mid-range and long term roadmap for migration of applications
  • Determine best option(s) for applications (IAAS, SAAS, Vendor hosting, on premise)

  • Overall project management
  • Technical execution
  • Operation execution

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