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IT MA&A Services

Huntzinger’s Merger, Acquisitions and Affiliations (MA&A) Services recognize the importance of including IT as a formal consideration early in the MA&A process. As such, Huntzinger starts with a proven Merger, Acquisition, and Affiliation Information Technology Methodology (MAAITM), which is a standardized set of tools and processes that are customized to the unique characteristics and requirements of each specific relationship, providing an actionable playbook to define the structured process for initial due diligence and a series of phased tools that can be utilized as the particular MA&A review progresses. The outcome is a seamless, efficient, and effective IT ecosystem that maximizes the benefits of the relationship.

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IT M&A Services

IT M&A Services

A playbook to facilitate organizational integration.

The MAAITM Phases Include

Our approach follows four advisory phases to develop the customized MAAITM playbook, with an optional fifth phase, Implementation, to assist the organization(s) in successfully executing the expected outcome.

  • Organization Vision — MAAITM begins with defining the Organization Vision, in which key questions are answered that pertain to organizational strategic objectives for the relationship, that once defined, establishes the direction for IT and the business model that IT is expected to support.
  • Due Diligence — Documentation is then reviewed and interviews with key stakeholders and subject matter experts are conducted.
  • MA&A Playbook — The MAAITM playbook is then produced and customized, containing such key documents as a Cost Model/Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), Technical Impact (infrastructure, interfaces, software/applications etc.), personnel on-boarding, and a detailed transition plan.
  • Knowledge Transfer — In this extremely critical phase, and one frequently neglected, there is a transfer of knowledge to the organization(s) on how the MAAITM playbook will be used to perform the integration, a communication process and protocol that will facilitate consistent and ongoing communication to key stakeholders, and how to use the MAAITM playbook to manage future mergers, acquisitions or affiliations.
  • Implementation (optional) — An optional fifth phase is available for Huntzinger to assist the organization(s) in executing the direction provided in the MAAITM playbook.

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