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With health systems and medical practices focused on patient care cybercriminals are taking advantage of the outdated and weakened IT systems and cybersecurity resources to demand ransoms of the valuable data from medical practices and hospitals.


Huntzinger is focused solely on the healthcare provider marketplace.   We’ll develop a comprehensive, yet actionable, roadmap that will guide your Cybersecurity Strategy. We also offer customized solutions specific to a focus area, such as ransomware defense and readiness, as part of a full spectrum of Cybersecurity service offerings that include:



Evaluate an organization's vulnerabilities and the overall maturity of its security program.

Huntzinger Cybersecurity Services

We work to improve the design of a security program and associated management framework inclusive of policies, governance, technical remediation, education and program stability over time.

We develop and “road-test” incident response plans by creating and assesses business continuity and disaster recovery plans based on the realities of long potential outages or malicious cyber-attacks.

  • Our technical testing services simulate the latest real world cyberattacks. We identify security exposures in your networks and systems before malicious actors can exploit these vulnerabilities
  • Our technical testing services include network penetration testing, social engineering, Web application, Cloud security testing and cloud-hosted application testing
  • We are serious about safe testing.  Our team is composed of skilled and certified technical professionals with specific experience and training in ethical hacking who use only established, reputable, and widely used tools that have previously been used safely in similar environments

  • We align our medical device security assessments with the recommended industry frameworks such as VA MDPP, MDISS, ISO 80001, and MDS2.
  • We build out an asset inventory discovery and vulnerability identification plan using medical device security automation.
  • We develop and implement a comprehensive medical device security program while offering medical device security training and awareness and medical device vulnerability remediation support.

  • We offer a comprehensive tech-enabled managed service for Supply Chain Risk Management in the healthcare industry
  • We bring the knowledge, tools, processes and resources to move your third-party risk program from data collection to effective risk management for your entire vendor portfolio.
  • We are the source of truth of vendor security data for healthcare providers:
    • Clearinghouse of validated vendor risk assessments
    • Access to risk assessments of over 80,000 healthcare vendors

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