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A Trusted Advisor

Huntzinger has a legacy of performance as a trusted advisor with our clients, going beyond the scope of traditional consulting while supporting your senior IT leaders.

Benefit from Shared Experience

Huntzinger delivers a team approach. Organizations that engage Huntzinger for interim executives benefit from the collective knowledge of the entire Huntzinger team, not just from the individual who serves in the interim role. The Huntzinger staff collaborates to address the specific needs of each client, effectively delivering decades of combined knowledge to every client that utilizes Huntzinger’s interim executives.

Embracing Your Organization's Business Objectives

Huntzinger will assist you by managing projects or functions within your IT organization by integrating with your team, embracing the organization’s business objectives and executing key initiatives.

Offerings from our Managed Services include:

  • Project management that keeps efforts on track, on budget
  • Technical services management
  • Execution on key organizational initiatives
  • Remote application support

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Key Managed Services

PMO Operation & Management

PMO Operations & Management

Define organization project management strategy, methodology, and requisite resources.

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