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Huntzinger Management Group provides healthcare organizations with interim CTOs, Directors of Infrastructure and other technical executives to maintain and advance IT initiatives. Huntzinger’s interim executives average 20-plus years of healthcare experience and have held numerous executive positions at prestigious organizations.

The Interim Executive Placement Process

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Interim Technical IT Management

Interim Technical IT Management

Interim CTOs, CISOs, Directors.

You Define the Role

There are multiple situations when an interim CTO, CISO or Director of Infrastructure can help organizations achieve their goals:

  • Strategic Transformation – System upgrades, enterprise-wide deployments, the selection of new solutions and infrastructure, and many other initiatives can be advanced with interim CTOs who have a successful history of performing these transformations. In these situations, an interim CTO can be a catalyst for change, provide the needed leadership to drive the initiative, and stabilize the IT environment during the term of the engagement.
  • Mentoring – An interim CTO can also serve as a mentor to cultivate the talent of individuals who may grow into a CTO role as they gain experience.
  • Transitions – Recruiting a new CTO can take months or years. An interim CTO is a cost-effective way to bridge the gap during the transition by providing continued leadership for the delivery of in-flight projects, while protecting a significant budget component during the absence of a permanent CTO. Additionally, an interim CTO helps position and package IT strategies to minimize the transition period when a new CTO comes onboard.
  • On-Demand Expertise – Budget constraints, geographic location and many other factors make it difficult for healthcare organizations to attract top talent. An interim CTO can provide needed expertise for a defined period, even for organizations that lack the budget to hire a permanent CTO with advanced skills and experience.
  • Organizational and Staffing Assessment – An interim CTO can help organizations assess their staffing, skill sets and organizational needs to prepare for strategic initiatives.

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